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How You Can Become a Clinical Social Worker With Our Flexible Online MSW

Our online MSW's flexible, asynchronous format and military-specific coursework are ideal for active duty service members and veterans who want to work as clinical social workers in military contexts.

Building strategic partnerships to positively impact military service-connected communities

As a strategic partner of the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs, UK's College of Social Work plays an essential role in informing treatment decisions and best practices in military social work.

The Role of Social Workers in the Military

Learn more about military social work and explore how earning your online MSW from UK can prepare you to work with service members and their families, helping them access the services and resources they need.

How UK’s Online MSW Prepares Students for Military Social Work Careers

At the University of Kentucky, you can earn an online MSW with military-specific coursework and gain competencies that prepare you for social worker careers with the VA, DOD, and beyond.