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How You Can Become a Clinical Social Worker With Our Flexible Online MSW

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In this video, Chris Flaherty, director of the Military Behavioral Health Research Laboratory and associate professor, explains what makes our online MSW program ideal for active duty service members. Dr. Flaherty discusses how the flexible, asynchronous format enables students to complete their social work courses from anywhere with an internet connection. An MSW prepares students to become clinical social workers, and our curriculum addresses the specific needs of military service members and veterans.

CHRISTOPHER FLAHERTY: Our online programs are very user friendly for service members who potentially may deploy. Deployments can vary a lot depending on specialty and the demands and the mission of the deployment. And it may be for some service members that continuing their education during deployment is impossible.

But many service members, it is possible for them to complete their studies as long as they have an internet connection. And with our programming being all delivered in asynchronous mode–that is, that there’s not a specific time of day that a person needs to be online–it’s very flexible.

An ideal candidate for our online MSW program, service members who want to advance and become clinical social workers in the military. We have a lot of folks that want to do that. Maybe they’re in another specialty and they want to move into social work. If they want to move up in rank, social workers are commissioned officers in the military. Those that want to work in with veterans in VA settings are ideal.

The MSW is considered the terminal degree in social work. That is, person [INAUDIBLE] achieve the MSW, they’re considered fully qualified. It’s a very important credential in just about any setting in social work.

Along with the online Master of Social Work, the University of Kentucky also offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Doctorate of Social Work.

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