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Exploring Our Student Veteran Resource Center

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In this video, Chris Flaherty, director of the Military Behavioral Health Research Laboratory and associate professor, shares information about the services available to veteran students through the Student Veteran Resource Center. Our university has a strong veteran connection and offers a variety of services designed to support military members as they transition to student life. From military financial aid to help accessing GI Bill resources, Dr. Flaherty discusses the ways our dedicated team can help you succeed.

CHRISTOPHER FLAHERTY: An important service offered at the University of Kentucky is our Student Veteran Resource Center. And that center exists to help military members transition from military to student status or to support those who are in the military while they’re in student status.

That office provides an array of services, including helping to access financial aid and providing a support network. This center provides a connection to other veterans and also just basic information about how do you access your GI Bill. It even provides short-term loans for those who have a delay in getting their GI Bill. It’s really there to wrap its arms around the veteran student and to give them every chance to be successful in their studies.

Along with the online Master of Social Work, the University of Kentucky also offers an online Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Doctorate of Social Work.

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