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How Social Workers Address the Effects of Social Isolation

Human beings crave social interaction. Having a close network of family and friends often has significant benefits, as research shows that social relationships positively impact mental health, behavior, physical health, and mortality risk. However, people experiencing social isolation are at greater risk for many health issues,…

Social Work Interventions for Unemployment: How We Help Clients Remove Barriers to Landing a Job

This article covers the various strategies and approaches that social workers use to help people overcome hurdles to employment, so that they can properly support and care for themselves and their families. Such obstacles to securing a job include higher education, childcare, mental health problems, and addiction.

Compassion Fatigue in Social Work: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

This article explains how social workers' protracted exposure to the trauma of others can result in compassion fatigue and overwhelming mental and physical exhaustion. Additionally, the article discusses the ways in which social workers can prevent and treat compassion fatigue.

Military Social Work: My Journey to the Field and 20-Year Career

In this article, Dr. Chris Flaherty, Director of the Military Behavioral Health Research Lab and an Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky, writes about his 20-year career in the US Air Force, including his time as a Clinical Social Work Officer. He discusses the nature of life in the field of military social work as well as what he learned from the experience.

Supporting Military Service Members and Veterans: A Look at Military Social Work With Dr. Chris Flaherty, UK Professor and Former US Air Force Major

In this interview, Dr. Chris Flaherty, Director of the Military Behavioral Health Research Laboratory and Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky College of Social Work, discusses the field of military social work, UK's Army MSW Program, and the various opportunities offered to students through the school and its partnership with the Army.

The Importance and Benefits of Practicing Self-Care in Social Work and Other Helping Professions: A Conversation With Dr. Jay Miller

This article is based on an interview with Dr. Justin "Jay" Miller, Dean of the University of Kentucky College of Social Work. Sharing his own life experiences, discussing research, and providing information about the UK CoSW program and Self-Care Lab, Dr. Miller explains how vital it is for social workers to practice self-care to ensure their own mental and emotional health.

Rural Social Work: Addressing Social Problems in Rural Areas

There's a unique set of challenges and issues relating to rural and urban social work throughout many rural communities throughout the US. Learn more.

Exploring MSW Student Opportunities With the Department of Veterans Affairs

Learn how pursuing your MSW with a military behavioral health certificate from UK's College of Social Work can open doors to VA internships and other opportunities with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

How UK’s College of Social Work Serves Military Populations

Social work is a rewarding career path for students interested in improving the lives of military service members, veterans, and their families. UK offers program options and services designed specifically for these populations.

Exploring Our Student Veteran Resource Center

UK's Student Veteran Resource Center exists to help military members successfully transition to student life. Learn more about the services we offer, including assisting with military financial aid and GI Bill benefits, student support, and more.